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What I do

My focus is on front-end development and architecture, and I love to build styleguides and component libraries for the web, and of course: accessible, inclusive and responsive. But I have absolutely no problem building full stack websites with my favorite content management system Kirby. I like DevOps and the terminal and care a lot about performance and efficiency. And I like to teach about all that stuff and share my knowledge one-to-one or in workshops.

I mostly work with/for full-service agencies, other developers and graphic designers. I am a team player and don't give a fuck about tabs vs. spaces (as long as it's consistent). I'm not a designer, but I have an eye for what works and what doesn't. I have a degree in computer science and tons of experience building websites.

If you want to work with me contact me via email:, so we can meet up over a coffee or tea and talk about your project and ideas.


  1. If you are racist, sexist, antifeminist, homophobic, a weapons dealer or just some other kind of asshole, I won't work with you.
  2. I am an honest and upfront person and I like to question and to be critical. And that's what I expect from you, too.
  3. I don't do slow, non-responsive, non-accessible websites, and I won't debate doing so.
  4. I have high expectations regarding my own work. In return I expect fair and punctual payment.
  5. When working with me, you are paying for a service. I am not a servant. There is a difference.
  6. I prefer to build websites for actual users, rather than for your liking or SEO-algorithms.
  7. I'm not a magician: if your content is crap, your website will be crap—there is nothing I can do about that by coding.
  8. I have to concentrate while programming, so I often don't immediately reply to calls or emails.
  9. I regard myself as a craftsman, so I prefer to choose the tools I work with by myself.
  10. I am only one person, if I feel that a project is too big for me, I will tell you and/or look for help.


  • HTML
  • A11y
  • CSS + Sass
  • ES2019
  • vue.js
  • React
  • Kirby CMS
  • LAMP + nginx
  • git + git-flow
  • node + devops
  • Vim
  • zsh
  • tmux
  • native german speaker
  • fluent in business english
  • bad french and chinese