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Hi! My name is Steffen Rademacker and I work as a freelance web developer and consultant. I do everything from frontend to devOps and like to build small websites with kirby. But before you pick up your phone: I am fully booked and currently _not_ open for new projects.

If you are looking for articles from my old website, you can find an archive in this git repository. If you are specifically looking for the articles on my mutt-setup, you can find a nice summary in the Gentoo wiki, and I always will keep my dotfiles config up to date.

If you want to chat or stay in contact: I'd love to make you a coffee or tea at my office or in our garden. I mean it—you can still find me on the interwebs, but I chose to not really participate any longer—I'd rather give you my full attention in real life.

Imprint / Contact

Steffen Rademacker
webgefrickel c/o HawaiiF3
Gießerstr. 14
DE-04229 Leipzig

E-Mail: kontakt@webgefrickel.de
Homepage: webgefrickel.de
Phone: +49 177 55 33 074
GitHub: @webgefrickel
Mastodon: @webgefrickel@mstdn.social

VATID: DE282237479
Finanzamt Leipzig I
Place of Jurisdiction: Leipzig

Legal Disclaimer

TL;DR: please contact me if you find anything suspicious, offending, illegal or otherwise concerning on this website.

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By default, no personal data or information is collected by visiting this website. I do not need data about you, nor does my server, so nothing is or will ever be collected. Please contact me if you find anything suspicious, offending, illegal or otherwise concerning on this website.

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You have the right to request any data stored about you or request deletion or correction of your data by getting in touch with me, preferably via email (see sidebar). You have the right to file a complaint with your national data protection authorities. I would like to point out that online data transmission (such as when communicating via email) may be subject to security breaches. It is not possible to ensure full protection of data against access by third parties.

If you write me an email, I will collect and store your data (email-address and name) for the purpose of replying to your request only, according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. Any personal data will be deleted after the purpose of your request is fulfilled.

I will improve or change on this privacy policy to reflect any upcoming changes, current version is 1.1, 2021-04-21.